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Re: Conlang Keyboards (was: Re: CONLANG Digest - 1 Nov 2000)

From:Jim Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Sunday, November 5, 2000, 23:07
Druni native script and Terran keyboard configuration:

The native Druni script is called "Tá Shpilávit Ferím" [the Shpilavi Script];
otherwise known simply as "tá Datáb" [the Alphabet].

This script is very square in form and has no upper or lower case. Tony
Harris (previous list member [Aluric] and good friend of mine) created a font
for it.  The majority of Roman/Druni equivalents are found on identical spots
on the English keyboard. Due to the lack of the upper case (capital letters)
I was able to use those spots for the accented vowel forms.

The Druni alphabet also has a cursive form.  For this I have not yet acquired
a typable font.  On Drun the cursive script is the one most often used for
personal (and/or rapid) writing.  Being more conducive to calligraphic design
it is also the ornamental script of the Druni.  Whereas the square script is
called "tá Chéndjit Ferteynú" [the Stone Letters]; the cursive script is
called "tá Dózhit Ferteynú" [the Water Letters].

The Romanization (tá Romteynú) is also now considered official on Drun as it
is often used in conjunction with Terran influenced Planetary Systems and

Jim H
tá Druntán