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Conlang Keyboards (was: Re: CONLANG Digest - 1 Nov 2000)

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, November 5, 2000, 0:45
On Fri, 3 Nov 2000 18:35:35 -0500 Robert Hailman <robert@...>
> In Ajuk, the keyboard would be somewhat similar to our own - you > just do > away with "q", "w", "y", "x", & "c", and probably switch the places > of r > & i, or something like that. For foreign compliance, though, those 5 > letters would probably be off to the sides, typed by the pinky. > Also, I might even consider having an "ij" key. > -- > Robert
- A Rokbeigalmki keyboard would look completely different, since it doesn't use the Latin alphabet. In my fonts that i've made for it, the basic letters usually correspond to the latin equivalents, with the fricativized on Shift+(that letter), so D is /d/ and SHIFT-D is /D/ ; there are some anomalies, such as N /n/ and SHIFT-N /n"/ (uvular nasal). /ts/ and /tS/ appear on the X key, and most of the vowels are arranged in similar-sounding pairs, for instance /a/ and /&/ on A, /Oj/ and /aj/ on the "[" key. And then of course there's Q (/e@/) and V (/U/), which somewhat defy logic. A Judean-Romance keyboard would have a key (like the apostraphe >> acute on US-International keyboard layout) that places macrons on vowels, and another key that places cedillas on consonants. Or it could just be ALTGR-E for {e-macron) and ALTGR-B for {b-cedilla}, etc., which is probably simpler. Although i still haven't decided how i'm planning on spelling Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic/etc.-loanwords that defy the orthographic and phonological systems of the language and it's writing - when {S} is /S/ and {T-cedilla} is the only way to spell [s] (an allophone of /t/), how do you spell the sound /s/? -Stephen (Steg) "yam shel ahava / haya li bishvilkha..."