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Re: book review

Date:Wednesday, June 7, 2000, 1:29
Man--first _Imagining Language_, now this--how did you get a copy of my linguistics reading list?

I don't have _Lingua Franca_ but I do have _Speaking in Tongues_ (Ed. Napoli,
Rando, and Bradley R. Strahan, Black Buzzard Press, 1994) which I got as a
bonus for subscribing to the publishers' poetry mag, Visions. Same premise;
wildly varying quality of poetry. Some of it is clearly "lingual"--there is a
great line, "sempeternally doomed", in a poem called Fallen Angel by a 'T
Givon'--and some is not. I wouldn't recommend spending much money on it, but
don't turn it down if you see it cheap.

eli .
gone to croatan