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New Pseudo-Dravidian Conlang

From:Rob Haden <magwich78@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 5, 2005, 20:57
Hey everyone,

I'd like to share with you all my new pseudo-Dravidian conlang.  It doesn't
have a name yet, but hopefully it'll have one soon.  Here's what I've
worked out so far.


- Stops: p t_d t` k
- Affricates: [ts)] [t`s`)] c ~ tS) (Bracketed phonemes are still under
- Fricatives: v s s` C ~ S x ~ h
- Nasals: m n n` [n'] N
- Liquids: l 4 l` [r` ~ r\`] [l'] [r']
- Glides: j

- Plain: i i: e e: a a: o o: u u:
- Nasal: i~ i~: e~ e~: a~ a~: o~ o~: u~ u~:
- Diphthongs: Second member must be short and high; first member must be

Syllable structure / phonotactics:
- CV(R/F,S)
- R = any nasal or liquid
- F = any fricative (except /v/) preceding another syllable
- S = any stop or fricative that is homorganic with that of the next
- Earlier syllable structure was CV(R)(S); see assimilation rules (to come)

Accentuation / prosody:
- Final syllable is extrametrical
- Pitch accent with primary pitch on initial syllable


Verbal morphemes:
- Past tense in -t(a)
- Perfect aspect in -(V)v(a) (with past tense: -ut(a))
- Passive voice in -ur` (with past tense: -ur`t`(a); notice the retroflex
- Infinitive/gerund in -um
- Enclitic negative in -ne, -n`e or similar?

Nominal morphemes:
- Animate plural in -(V)r
- Inanimate singulative in -m (inanimate nouns are mass nouns by default)

- Rob