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Translations: 'Happy Holidays' and Language Quotes (Vyääh)

From:M.E.S. Vyaah <vaahvieuvyaah@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 18, 2002, 10:45
"Happy Holidays!"

Hyyvääärrhyytystaj Vyvöx Oldoo! (familar, uneducated)
Hyyvääärrhyytystaj Vyvöx Oltää! (educated)

...are the closest expressions in Vyääh currently.

Hyyvääärrhyytystaj Vyvöx Oldoo/Oltää!
good.relaxful.adj+ 1-day!

Also, pretty straight-forward in Vyääh,

"I greet you"       YY'ììln-tämììè hyywästäj-vöxsh
"I greet y'all"     YY'ììln-sämììè hyywästäj-vöxsh
"We greet you"      YY'ììlm-tämììè hyywästäj-vöxsh
"We greet y'all"    YY'ììlm-sämììè hyywästäj-vöxsh

YY'        ììl      n/m
honorific  "greet"  subject

täm/säm    ììè      hyywä    stäj  vöx    sh
"you"      ind.obj. "peace"  adj+  "day"

Matt in Tokyo

PS. Anyone in Riga (Latvia), Tartu (Estonia), Stockholm or Gothenburg
(Sweden), or Oslo (Norway) who is up to meet?  I will be in those towns
from end Dec to mid Jan.  If you want, email me at
and I'll give you details on when/where.


Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>Translations: 'Happy Holidays' and Language Quotes ( Vyääh )