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Re: Some Speedtalk and Questions

From:Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 4, 2003, 20:14
On Tue, 3 Jun 2003 13:39:18 -0400, makeenan <makeenan@...>

>>===== Original Message From Constructed Languages List > >>> It occured to me that Speedtalk will sound a lot like Heinlein's >>> Martian. The beings that lived on Heinlein's mars appeared in several >>> of his stories. He always described their langauage as sounding like a >>> rhinocerous making love to a tin shed. Sadly, he never gave anything >>> else on the language. >> >>Not quite true. Besides similar vague comments, we know that >>* humans can pronounce the language close enough for Martian comprehension >>* 3 Martian names are given (Gekko, G'kuro, K'boomch) >>* at least some questions begin with a question symbol >>* there is a vocative symbol > >Heinlein seemed to have some fascination with languages. I wonder why he >never developed his secret vice any further? > >Speedtalk will also have a interogative and an exclamatory marker, since >the tones normally used for this by English speakers, are being used for >other things. > >>> One place where I'm deviating from Heinlein is in numerals. his >>> Speedtalk used base 36 counting. I'm not. >> >>Why not? > >Mostly because my math skills are non-existant. :(
That's a good reason. I'm not good at math either, but I tend to take non- decimal bases for granted, since I learned them young.
> My Question: when the numeral occurs between words, how do you tell if > whether it follows the previous sound or precedes the next one? > >Yes. Today as I was making a huge batch of tuna salad at work, I realized >this flaw. I'm going to have to come up with nine more new numbers so they >can ALL appear at the end of the sound. > >Essentially they aren't numbers really. There just inflecting particles. >Heinlein said each "number" indicated the word was a member of a specific >vocabulary of a field or science. Which fields and sciences should I >include?
Linguistics Astrology Demonology Antigravitics ... Oops, wrong universe! Well, if you make up your own "definitive" list someone will likely come up with improvements. Jeff
>>I'm self-taught when it comes to pronouncing implosives and ejectives, so >>I'd better not say. > >:) Me too! > >>Jeff > > > -Duke