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Some Speedtalk and Questions

From:makeenan <makeenan@...>
Date:Monday, June 2, 2003, 20:55

The work on speedtalk is progressing slowly and carefully.
It occured to me that Speedtalk will sound a lot like Heinlein's Martian. The
beings that lived on Heinlein's mars appeared in several of his stories. He
always described their langauage as sounding like a rhinocerous making love to
a tin shed. Sadly, he never gave anything else on the language.

This project is at least getting me an education in X-sampa.

One place where I'm deviating from Heinlein is in numerals. his Speedtalk used
base 36 counting. I'm not. He also used numbers to diferentiate the meanings.
For example 'Deer' had a different meaning than 'Deer2' I'm still going to do
this but I decided the solution to my problem (How would you say two deer and
be clear?)is to have two sets of numerals. One set for ordinal and cardinal
numbers and the secondary set for differentiating meanings.
The secondary numerals go up to nine but have a different meaning depending on
whether they precede or follow the word. This will give an extra twenty
possible meanings for each sound!! I'm projecting a vocabulary of 50,000
some-odd words.

I made my first sentence/word in the language today: gWNZ_R. (Translation:
What does he do?) Try this one on for size if you know x-sampa. :) Vowels are
coming later!

The questions I alluded to are how do you do an implosive and an ejective? I
can guess but I'd rather know.