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Re : Re: Fw: irregular conlangs

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Date:Thursday, October 7, 1999, 11:13
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 07/10/99 08:39:40  , vous avez =E9crit :

> > I heard of Javanese having different words for people with a higher degr=
> > of social status. Anyone knows something more about that? > =20 > I think Japanese has also this feature, to a certain extent. I=20
> at > least that some things are named differently depending of the degree of > politeness, or the sex of the speaker and/or listener, etc... > =20 > -- > Christophe
quite a many, but i've been told that's no more than in javanese,=20 tibetan, korean, etc. you have to use them carefully because addressing to someone too politely may be considered ironical. a well-known example : tsuma : wife kanai : my wife fujin : wife - polite okusan : your, his wife - polite okusama : your, his wife - alluding to your big boss's wife. try avoid that one. smile and don't speak at all. plus your big boss is obviously at throes trying to figure out how to allude to your own wife. so you'd better sneak away : you are really busy, aren't you ? mathias