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New language model

From:Michael D. Edwards <michael@...>
Date:Thursday, October 7, 1999, 10:02
Hello everyone,
My name is Michael Edwards, and I've mostly been involved in learning
auxlangs (esperanto, interlingua) and still am actively using interlingua.

However, I've wanted to work on a personal language which I could enjoy
doing some writing in, etc...From what I've seen, I'd like to develop a
language that is very natural sounding, very beautiful to speak and hear,
and is similar in grammar to English, but with more verb inflection for
person and tense. I'm not really interested in the fictional aspect
(fictional characters, worlds, etc..) but strictly for personal
communication with anyone else who would choose to pick up some of this

Following is what I jotted down yesterday while thinking about it. Quenya
seems to be where I may spend a lot of time getting some more ideas. Maybe
some of you could help with suggestions too? I was also wondering about
developing a vocabulary. Whether I could use a javascript program or
something to input the morphological constraints and print out a list, then
match it up with an english lexicon?

Well, enough for now. Also, if I don't answer the mail right away, it's
because I'm away for the weekend. Thanks

Language Model

vowels: a,e,i,o,u and when accented =E0,=E8,=EC,=F2,=F9 behaves as a double =
vowel (aa, ee, ii, oo, uu) No double length vowels are themselves doubled
in morphology
        dipthongs: ai, ao, ei, oi (all other vowel combinations are pronounced  as
individual sounds)

consonants: b,d,f,g,h,j(as the french pleasure),k,l,m,n,p,qu,r,s,t,v,w,y.

        C1 possible initial consonants: all (y, h, w are exclusively initials)
        C2 possible intial clusters: bl, br, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, hr, jr, kl,    kr,
pl, pr, sl, sm, sn, squ, sq=F9, sr, st, tr, vl, vr.
        C3 possible final consonants: all but h, q, w, y.

morphology: v, C1(C2)v, C1(C2)v(v), C1(C2)v(v)C3(v),=

verbs: list forms here. (inflected for person and tense)
        infinitive: ends in vowel + l=20

sentence order: subject-object-verb (still considering a more english
approach of svo)??

correlatives: similar to the formation of such in esperanto/Quenya

vocabulary: computer generated (javascript?)

details of development: based on languages that I've been exposed to, but a
priori vocabulary generation. Unique grammar features of my design, with
the goal to sound beautiful, rhythmic, and natural. This in no way is to be
a world language, but a personal one, in which others may learn and
participate on their own volition.

Michael Edwards