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Audience, Uglossia, and Conlang

From:James Campbell <james@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 15, 2000, 9:11
Sally Caves:

> > "Audience, Uglossia, and Conlang: Inventing Languages on the > > Internet" by yours truly was accepted and posted by > > > > M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture > > Pardon me... my first post to Conlang in three months, and I > get the URL wrong: > > it's: > > > >
This made interesting reading. Conlanging is a art form, is it not? It occurs to me, as it probably has to others before, that western society in general regards most forms of art as things you "grow out of" doing, rather than encouraging their continuance into adulthood as part of a balanced way of life. For example, such activities as drawing, painting, and writing poetry or prose are conventionally seen as pointless for an adult, unless of course you're making a vast living from it. Doing such things for one's own pleasure is frowned upon (and hence, in many cases, stifled). Such things, and those who enjoy doing them, are considered childish or weird by many. Conlanging receives a similar judgement, with the added problem of its non-mainstream-ness as compared to painting or whatever. <End philosophical wandering> ========================================================================= James Campbell Zeugma--Our Life Is Design =========================================================================