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[Re: [Re: Roll Your Own IE language]]

From:Edward Heil <edwardheil@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 7, 1999, 21:01
I got an M.A. in Latin at UNC, where Craig Melchert teaches.  While there=
, I
took a class with Michael Weiss, a young Greek/Indo-Europeanist who I am
convinced will be famous in the field within a couple decades.  I am also=

convinced that Weiss would cheerfully have taught there for free as long =
they let him study Hittite with Craig. :)

Alas, my interest in IE was inchoate at that time and I did not take any
courses with Craig.

Lehmann's book is pissing me off though.  When I studied with Weiss, we u=
nice simple symbols for the laryngeals: H1, H2, H3.  These were the
noncoloring, A-coloring, and O-coloring laryngeals, respectively.  Lehman=
uses IPA symbols and I'm having a hard time nailing down which is which. =
believe ? (glottal stop), h or maybe x, and the voiced velar fricative sy=
(that V with a curly on the bottom), correspond to H1, H2, and H3
respectively.  But he doesn't explain this very clearly, and at one point=
includes the voiceless uvular fricative symbol (Greek lowercase Chi), whi=
ch I
believe must be a typo for x becuase he never uses it anywhere else, and =
the context he describes it as a velar fricative.


Brian Betty <bbetty@...> wrote:
> Lehman's book is great; there are many other resources that might be > helpful. I can cite other useful works. > =
> I was toying with Anatolian languages: I just managed to get my hands o=
> Melchert's "Anatolian Historical Phonology," a massive volume of fun. > Everything you ever wanted to know about Hittite, Cuneiform and > Hieroglyphic Luwian, Lycian A and B, Lydian, and others - a true marvel=
> only 460pp. in length. In very small type. God, I love linguistics! > =
> Anatolian languages are just great fun because there are no surviving > members of the family today. Also, they are ergative languages and show=
> some interesting reflexes of PIE stress-accents. > =
> I've been thinking of adding some gratuitous Lycian to my novel about a=
> ancient AltEarth just for the fun of it - a little treat for linguists.=
> getting the story going should really be my current priority ... > =
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