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Re: CHAT: Patronymics (was CHAT: Yitzik's name.)

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Saturday, January 29, 2005, 9:46
FWIW, Yhe Vala Lakha has a matronymic:
Inyekhat Tyeris-Yerini, Inyekhat the daughter of Yerini

In very exceptional circumstances they will commemorate an unusual male by
giving his children a patronymic, but it's not usual.

Wesley Parish

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:26, Steg Belsky wrote:
> On Jan 24, 2005, at 10:50 AM, caeruleancentaur wrote: > > However, on topic, what about patronymics in conlangs? Senyecan as > > the patronymic "ßoon," child of. "iißoon" is "daughter of" > > and "o/ßoon" is "son of." Has anyone else created a patronymic in > > his or her conlang? What about names in general. How are people in > > your conculture named? > > P.S. "o/" is supposed to be the Norwegian o-slash representing /9/ in > > Senyecan. I couldn't get Alt+ to make it even though it made the "ß." > > Charlie > > > > Rokbeigalmki has patro- and matro-nymics: > "son of" = _bre'_ > "daughter of" = _bra'_ > > When you arrange your parentonymics after your name, you put your > opposite-gendered parent first: > examples from my ElendorMUSH characters: > Stíígiyus bre'Flurázha bre'Dayaghút > (Stygius, son of Flurazha and Dayaghut) > Urgámn bre'Herévya bre'Gámnoosolg > (Elnar, son of Herevya and Lingil) > > Rokbeigalmki names seem to be somehow gender-specific, even though they > don't include (usually) the male-gender and female-gender prefixes > themselves - _o-_ and _i-_, respectively. > Since the names are gender-specific, and you can somehow tell who's > male and female from their names, the ordering makes clear that you're > talking about one person's two parents instead of a chain of ancestry. > Let's say Stygius had a son named Sihráák; _Sihráák bre'Stíígiyus > bre'Dayaghút_ would be a chain of ancestry, since you can say "Sihraak > son of Stygius son of Dayaghut". Since, however, "Stygius son of > Flurazha son of Dayaghut" makes no sense since Flurazha is female, it > has to be understood as "Stygius son of Flurazha and son of Dayaghut". > > The 'atronymic prefixes are unusual. You'd expect them to be: > male: _ô-bar^(name)_ > female: _î-bar^(name)_ > Those would be the transparent construct forms for "son of..." and > "daughter of...". > > It seems that the proto-form of the Rokbeigalmki 'atronymic prefixes > was something like the unisex */b@r@/, some kind of worn-down form of > */baro/ "child of", which was then split genderwise with different > vowels when Rokbeigalmki lost its phonemic /@/s. In Rokbeigalmki's > sibling-language, Drughukî, where /@/ merged into /u/, */b@r@/ seems to > have become */buru/ before dissimilating into /buri/, as in > Ghân-buri-Ghân. (proto-RD */Ga:n b@r@ Ga:n/, Rokbeigalmki _Ghaan > bre'Ghaan_). > > (note: all statements made here about the language of Ghan-buri-Ghan > are my own inventions, completely unattested in Prof. Tolkien's > writings) > > > -Stephen (Steg) > "i defend myself, therefore i exist." > ~ herbert pagani
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