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Re: TECH: Re: Summary, web based mailinglist archives

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Monday, October 25, 1999, 17:59
Paul Bennett wrote:

> Please share what knowledge you have, though we're heading into deep water, and > probably left topic about the time I said "Perl". <G> Private email may be > better. It's up to you.
Here's another idea: If people first suggest various interesting searches, you could accumulate a list of "super-topics" by query. Then offline, you do full text searches and generate a hit list per query. Then each original article, stripped of email addresses, can put zipped and placed on the server, all 300 megabytes shrunken to 20mb (??). Occasionally someone suggests a new query, you add it to the list, and reindex once per month or two. Advantages: full-text search; computation offline; entire database online compressed (browsers must support zip); full interesting list of possible searches; newbie-friendly.