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Re: O-ogonek

From:BP Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Monday, May 8, 2000, 20:32
At 11:29 08.5.2000 +0100, James Campbell wrote:
>In Norwegian (and Danish, I believe), æ ø å ... I remember it as Ænd Øf Åll >(End Of All). >Swedish has å ä ö, and in Finnish also ä and ö are sorted at the end of the >alphabet. >But what of Icelandic and Faeroese? How do they sort their extras?
Actually the order in DA and NO is æ ø å, but in SV and FI the order is å ä ö, so in a way the complete order ought to be æ ø å ä ö... The FI language doesn't use å, but it is part of its alphabet, since many Finns have SV surnames containing it. IS has ð between d and e but þ æ ö after z in that order, while áéíúý are either sorted together with their unaccented counterparts (which used to be the more common) or separately after them (a á b c d ð e é... which is now the more common.) ON dictionaries normally have ...z þ æ œ ø ö -- where ö of course is a substitute for the hooked o, and a handy one, in agreement with modern IS orthography. It is not quite correct, BTW, to say that ON ö was the same as modern å; rather the value of u-umlauted a and á was low back unrounded (as the vowel in Southern Brittish _lot_, but long in the case of á). The non-umlauted á merged with the umlauted one at a very early date (there is only one MS in existence which distinguishes them), but the sound has since become higher, giving [O] or [o] in the modern mainland languages, [aw] in IS and [oa] in FO. The short umlauted vowel mostly lost its rounding in the mainland languages, but became front rounded in the insular ones (except before nasals in FO, where it merged with o instead.) /BP B.Philip Jonsson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~__ A h-ammen pennuid i phith! \ \ __ ____ ____ _____________ ____ __ __ __ / / \ \/___ \\__ \ /___ _____/\ \\__ \\ \ \ \\ \ / / / / / / / \ / /Melroch\ \_/ // / / // / / / / /___/ /_ / /\ \ / /Melarocco\_ // /__/ // /__/ / /_________//_/ \_\/ /Eowine__ / / \___/\_\\___/\_\ Gwaedhvenn Angelmiel\ \_____/ / a/ /_adar Merthol naun ~~~~~~~~~Cuinondil~~~\_______/~~~\__/~~~Noolendur~~~~~~ || Lenda lenda pellalenda pellatellenda cuivie aiya! || "A coincidence, as we say in Middle-Earth" (JRR Tolkien)