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Translation exercise: from the Gita.

From:Patrick Dunn <pdunn@...>
Date:Friday, August 13, 2004, 23:11
This one's interesting because it has a nice nested relative clause.  Does this look

itaih par paka samashai ka rutaih ka sho lupa'a lah ko'ako'ak.
eat      left  after sacrifice which food which man PREP sin.

He who eats the food left after the sacrifice is freed from all sin.

itaih -- from the root 'taih,' indicating eating and food.
rutaih -- also from 'taih.'

i- a transitive prefix, indicating motion toward
samwashai -- from wah, holy and shai, fire.
lu- passive prefix
lah -- all purpose preposition
ko'ako'ak -- reduplication of ko'ak, evil, bad, filthy, salty

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