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Lexicon management

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Saturday, August 14, 2004, 0:56
Hi everybody,

For those who already have a somewhat big lexicon, how do you manage it?

For the moment, I only have 1939 entries in my unidirectional lexicon (from
  Shaquelingua to French) and it's already a total mess!

To translate everything in English for my English-only site isn't the
problem. The big problem is to reverse it to build the French/English to
Shaquelingua part.

Almost each Shaquelingua entry has at least 2 English translations... and
the reverse part will be the same: many English entries will have several
Shaquelingua translation.

And there is more! There are examples, hints about the use, the grammatical
type of the words, their role in a sentence, sometimes their level of
speech, the associated postposition... And I didn't even mentioned that some
English translations are composed of several words amongst which ones I must
decide which one will be used to sort this entry.

For the moment, Google isn't my friend; it didn't help me much... Neither
did the list archives. Well, I didn't dig very deeply but it doesn't matter.

Now, I intend to write my own tool to suit my very special needs but, first,
I'm asking: What do you use to handle your bilingual lexicon? I'm very
interested, especially if it works on Linux... and if it takes care of the
conversion into HTML too. But maybe am I asking too much?  ;-)

ji kaçtólu soe, [ji: ka.CtO4u so^e] (one soon until)

Remi Villatel


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