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From:David G. Durand <dgd@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 2, 2000, 16:02
I received the following mail from the system administrator at Brown.
Note that this means that we now have a web archive that is
searchable for _all_ messages in the server logs. I had had to delete
a number of the old logs because of space constraints on the old
server. These have been eliminated and I have restored the old logs.
I believe the logs are now complete.

     -- David

Message follows:

>The Listserv web interface for and for your >list is available now. The web interface provides a convenient >method for both list owners and subscribers to access their lists. >Among the functions it provides are: > viewing list archives in various formats > subscription management > list definition management > access to Listserv documentation > an index of local list archives > a catalog of worldwide Listserv lists > >Access control for the web interface uses passwords. Before >performing restricted operations, each list owner or subscriber >must follow a procedure to obtain a Listserv password for their >e-mail address. The web interface will prompt for a password >when one is need, including, if necessary, obtaining a new password. >Passwords for the web interface are separate from any other Listserv >passwords. > >The home page for the web interface is: > >If archives are available for your list, they can be accessed directly using: > >I recommend announcing both URLs to your subscribers.
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