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Re: French, bread

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Monday, September 18, 2000, 21:02
Matt McLauchlin wrote:
> > >The nasals don't sound romantic to me, either. Actually, I thing of > >French as being a very, very ugly language, because whenever I hear it, > >it's Quebec French, which is, shall we say, not the nicest of dialects. > >I'm sure the French from France sounds a lot better. > > I really have to disagree! Maybe it's just because of living in the > province, but I think Québécois French is quite beautiful.
Maybe. It's hard to dislike something that your exposed to so much. I don't like the sound of it, and I can't think of much that can change it. You must see something in it that I don't.
> At least, the Québécois spoken in downtown Montreal, I just adore, and it's > something I aspire to pronounce like a native speaker. The rural version > ("joual") I find vigorous, strong, and earthy. (Oh god, I sound like a > wine-taster.) I especially like being able to swear a blue streak and have > it sound like you're saying a mass. ("Hostie de crisse de saint-sacrement de > calique de taberNACLE!")
That comment about swearing I like. It's very true, and it's something I like about the language. I'm not to familiar with the different forms of Québécois, but I don't particularly care for what I've heard.
> I like basilectical Parisian French too; it kind of reminds me of cockney in > a way. Acrolectical international French I find kind of bland, like news > announcers.
Parisian French is fine by me, as is international French. I'm not too interested in French in general, but I have a very basic understanding of it, and I'd like to learn more, but not as much as I'd like to know more German or Polish.
> Did you know that there's apparently only one language on Earth that > contains more vowel sounds than Québécois?
Really? That's amazing. Québécois does have a whole lotta vowels, but so do a lot of languages. I suppose there has to be a language that has the most... -- Robert