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French, bread

From:Matt McLauchlin <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Monday, September 18, 2000, 7:37
> > I liked this saying so much I translated it into Druni: > > "Uramún togolovó dafaryávad; Uramún taenóva dafaryázhad!"
Srir tioï kortain; srir tiou cuban.
>The nasals don't sound romantic to me, either. Actually, I thing of >French as being a very, very ugly language, because whenever I hear it, >it's Quebec French, which is, shall we say, not the nicest of dialects. >I'm sure the French from France sounds a lot better.
I really have to disagree! Maybe it's just because of living in the province, but I think Québécois French is quite beautiful. At least, the Québécois spoken in downtown Montreal, I just adore, and it's something I aspire to pronounce like a native speaker. The rural version ("joual") I find vigorous, strong, and earthy. (Oh god, I sound like a wine-taster.) I especially like being able to swear a blue streak and have it sound like you're saying a mass. ("Hostie de crisse de saint-sacrement de calique de taberNACLE!") I like basilectical Parisian French too; it kind of reminds me of cockney in a way. Acrolectical international French I find kind of bland, like news announcers. Did you know that there's apparently only one language on Earth that contains more vowel sounds than Québécois? Blessed be, Écartons ces romans Matt McLauchlin qu'on appèle systèmes, GM18, Montreal, Canada Et pour nous éléver English/français/esperanto descendons dans nous-mêmes. icq: 4420218 -Voltaire _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at Share information about yourself, create your own public profile at