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Re: Idiolects

From:nicole dobrowolski <fuzzybluemonkeys@...>
Date:Thursday, January 31, 2002, 22:35
--- froge sionk J Y S Czhang...
> OBCONLANG: This wide-rangin' self-expression is one of the > reasons I am more attracted to ConLangs than to AuxLangs. One can > be more colourful in vocabulary use and abuse in a ConLang than an > AuxLang (Is it my imagination or not that AuxLangers seem to be > pretty friggin' uptight puritannical types???) >
i abuse my conlang so much that i ended up changing the spellings of several words so i would no longer be pronouncing them incorrectly... for example: thaweso /TAwEso/ became thawaeso /TAweso/ and i still tend to mangle the actual name of the language when saying it out loud... it's supposed to be /nArETAnA?Al/ but it ends up coming out as /nArETAn?Al/... i might be using the wrong 'r' but that's not what changes anyway... ...nicole quote from my bcs book: how do you know that the letter "Q" is a Q and not an R or a Z or, for that matter, a map of Brazil? __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Great stuff seeking new owners in Yahoo! Auctions!


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