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Re: USAGE: Glottal stop for /t/ (was Re: 2nd person pronoun for

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, September 22, 2002, 21:49
John Cowan wrote:

>Roger Mills scripsit: > >> >don't have nasal plosion.... >> Not quite sure what you mean by this..... > >This is Ladefoged's term for a stop that is released by opening the >nasal rather than the oral passage, which is how I pronounce "button" >and friends.
Ah, OK. That's true for me, too. Though there can be a difference between [bV?n=] and [bVt|n=] (or perhaps [bV?t|n=] for this last, where the [?t|] is a single movement, then released nasally).....Seems to be a matter of timing-- when the tongue moves to the alveolar ridge. Very hard to transcribe IMO. I suppose "nasal plosion" accounts for things like (reported) German |sieben| ['zibm=] or |sagen| ['zaGN=]; or caricatured Black speech |heaven| ['hEbm=]?? In the Clinton, Fenton, muntin words, I suspect the velum remains open from the initial-syl. vowel onwards, so it's debatable whether the final [@n] or [n=] is a real [n] or a [t] with nasal plosion. I'm sure that, face to face, I could produce clearly differentiated ['klI~?n=] vs. ['klI~t|n=] for you. (The former is definitely faster fast speech than the latter...or it may be that I'm just weird :-)) )