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Re: Some questions...

From:Jeff Goguen <princetaliesin@...>
Date:Monday, February 4, 2002, 18:30

So I know a ton of people are going to correct me on my previous message
before they read this one. I must say that I deserve it, seeing as how I
didn't do MY homework before posting on this thread. Although it is
undesirable to end a sentence with a preposition, it is acceptable
according to most grammarians today. This rule came about because way
back when the people who wrote grammar for English thought that the
"most proper" English should emulate Latin (something of which I only
recently became aware). Of course.English is NOT Latin and attempts to
emulate Latin in English are almost futile.

To quote Winston Churchill: "This is the type of English up with which I
will not put."

Spoken facetiously, of course, as he is making fun of a poor editing of
one of his works in which the editor was trying to fix a sentence ended
with a preposition and screwed it up even worse.

I retract my previous posting.