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Some questions...

From:Jeff Goguen <princetaliesin@...>
Date:Monday, February 4, 2002, 18:13
>:-) Depends on dialect. Some dialects require prepositions in contexts >where the answer would require a preposition (if the answer is a full >sentence). To the question "Where do you want to go?", the answer would >be "I want to go to X", the preposition cannot be dropped in the >answer. Same with things like "Where do you live at?"
>I personally don't use those constructions, I'd say "Where do you want >to go?" or "That's where I want to go", but there is a logic to the use >of prepositions.
Now, I'm not directing this question to anyone in particular, but I've been following this thread and there's something that's bothering me. Are we talking about the way we speak English everyday when we're slapping these prepositions on the end of sentences? I know a lot of people do it all the time, but in formal English grammar.isn't that against the rules? I was taught that it's incorrect to say "Where do you live at?" And I do understand the implication of a preposition when you leave it off. Thanks! Jeff


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