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Re: conlang survey part 2 + translation ex

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Saturday, December 7, 2002, 14:56
Mau Rauszer wrote:
> > > It's a time consuming thing to write long texts > > in any language - English included! - and we may > > also feel a little practical about it. Should I >But if you assume that a lot of conlanger here creates a language >which he/she thinks it sounds fair and don't write at least a few texts in >it... >it's something odd to me.
While I've written a few texts in Tairezazh, it's main purpose isn't to be the vehicle of a conlitterature, but to provide names (of persons, things, organizations, places, ideologies etc) for the relevant conculture and to provide a window on the Tairezan way of looking at the universe. I guess it's similar for many other conlangers who've started out from conculturing. Actually, most of the stuff I've written in Tairezazh, that isn't wordlists or scattered names or designations, is grammar and idiomatics examples ... _Laistsazent ai esh; gu laistsazenten._ ("There isn't conlanging, but conlangings.") ... would be a pretty good example of the kind of scattered sentences that litter my harddrive ...
> > There's also the matter of the fluidity of most > > of our conlangs: what you read in a text today > > may change radically tomorrow or next year. It's > > a bloody pain to have to change everything to > > reflect new realities - especially when we'd > > probably have to do it three or four times in the > > life of an average conlang. The more texts we > > write, the more we'd have to change. >There is a good excuse for not changing old texts especially for >languages with conhistory: a r c h a i c f o r m :P >And if you don't change your language's genaral view and vocabulary >to wholly unrecognizable this will probably fit.
I find that when I change a conlang, the intrafictional archaic forms of the language often changes as much as or more than the "present-day" version. See above. Andreas PS And sorry to Mau, who got an accidental extra copy of this sent to his personal address. _________________________________________________________________ MSN 8 with e-mail virus protection service: 2 months FREE*