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Renaming tezenki to terZ2mja (was Re: RFC: Renaming 3B to Tezenki)

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Friday, January 12, 2007, 19:40
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From: Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...>

> Paul Bennett skrev: > > What do you think, though, of "Tezenki"? Does it have the > > right sound for a language located vaguely at the north- > > west shore of the Caspian Sea? > > Sure, but where does the _-ki_ come from? Is it and > adjective ending?
With hindsight, it seems like my subconcious was modelling it on the Dagestani, Azerbaijani, Uzbeki model, with an ethnonym of Tezenk and an -i suffix for the adjectival form. It doesn't appear in the "etymology" because the latter was hastily retconned as a possiblity. See my other post, though: I have decided I like the etymology more than the purported reflex, and have more or less decided (my feeling is getting stronger through the day) to derive a new modern form from it. See below for more...
> > Does it have any possibly unfortunate meanings or > > similarities? > > Not that I know of. But then how much need you care about > such things? The Swedish word for 'edge' is /kant/ but we > use it happily anyway! I'd care only about associations in > the lang itself.
I'd care somewhat about unfortunate homonyms in Russian, for sure, since that could lead to a Russified euphemistic name for the people/area/language. The other surrounding languages, I'd be more curious than concerned about.
> > Alternatively, what do you think about retooling it to > > match the PIE etymology above? At first glance, that might > > give "Terzemia" for the region/nation/SSR, with an - n for > > the adjective, which isn't that cacophonous over all, but > > somehow gives me a Bad Feeling. > > What would be the native form of the name? For some > reason it seems to me kind of appropriate or realistic if > a Russification as opposed to a native name be somewhat > cacophonous! So if "Tersemija" is a Russification I say > go for it!
After more thought, I get the feeling it might become terZ2mja in an early-modern stage and maybe become tel zjemli (i.e. "Tel Ground~Land~Earth", AIUI) under Russian influence[*], leading to the use of Tel as the ethnonym for at least the 19th and 20th centuries. A renationalization effort could plausibly happen in the late 20th and early 21st... [*]Is mjV -> mljV just a Ukrainian thing, or is it also Russian? On the same topic as that footnote, is 2 -> jo -> je a plausible chain under Russian influence? Paul


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