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Gold Sword and Red Crystal the Text for translators

From:Jeff Sheets <wickedbob@...>
Date:Saturday, July 29, 2000, 6:51
Gold-Sword and Red-Crystal

This happened during the days of Fire-Heart.  There was an honorable warrior
who was named Gold-Sword.  Fire-Heart called on the bravery of Gold-Sword to
destroy the Dragon who ravaged the country.  The courage of Gold-Sword was
true to his reputation.  He left with his greatsword, Fire-Tongue, and wore
his sturdy armor.  He gathered up food for the journey, and he rode his
horse, Red-Moon.  He rode Red-Moon for thirty days and thirty nights.  He
arrived at the Needle-Mountains, and searched for ten days to find the lair
of the Dragon.  He met the Dragon in battle.  After two days in battle, the
Dragon and Gold-Sword grew tired.  They fell to the ground, and were
exhausted.  The Dragon spoke these words.  My name is Red-Crystal.  You are
an opponent like no other.  Never have I been wasted like this. I must stay
here to live.  It is my only home.  I will stop attacking your people.  But I
must feed.  I do not know what to do.  I must eat soon, but I am too wasted
to move.  Gold-Sword honored his opponent.  He spoke to the Dragon.  You are
my match.  Never have I fought for two days.  I understand your reasons now
and I see an end to both of our problems.  My people will feed you, and you
will protect them from their enemies across the mountains.  Is this
agreeable?  The Dragon agreed, and the new friends slept for a day.  When
they woke, they traveled to the nearest shepherd.  Gold-Sword explained
Red-Crystal's problems to the shepherd.  The shepherd left to gather up sheep
from his people, to feed Red-Crystal.  For centuries Red-Crystal has
protected these lands of Fire-Heart.  Speech and understanding had won when
weapons could not.