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Re: Children's Shows and Conlangs

From:Matt Pearson <jmpearson@...>
Date:Monday, November 15, 1999, 23:35
Boudewijn Rempt, replying to Brook Conner:

>> I *believe* it is from the book "Gnomes" by Portviet (sp?), a large, > >I didn't know Rien Poortvliet had spread that far... He's a Dutch >illustrator - I hesitate to call him an artist, despite his great >technical prowess. The Dutch title is 'De Kabouter'. Can't remember >much about a language, though. Essentially, it's a kind of conservative >ecological manifest.
The Poortvliet book was translated into English as "Gnomes", and was a best-seller in the US during the early 80s. The word "slitzweitz" does indeed come from that book. Matt.