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Re: I luv u

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 18, 2001, 13:35

"Matt M." <matt_mcl@...> writes:
> Lyanjen: > > Iar teucar nan. > > ia +r teuc +ar na -n > I +ag love +1pSgPrInd you +pat > > /'iar 'tewSar nan/
Why do your agentive languages assign the agent slot to `I' in this sentence? I saw another one: David Peterson writes:
> Dangelis (a new one): [?ElIn jaleja wavejanEl] > Gloss: 2nd.pers.sing.PAT(unmarked) AGT.1st.pers.sing.
Did you decide for your language a) that experiencers are active? or b) that in verbs of perception, the percievers are active? or c) that transitive verbs behave like in accusative languages? I fully understand Rinya's system (patientive + ablative for `you') and that of MNCL (patientive + complementive (which sounds so general is may be everything... :-))) And I do not know whether Chevraqis is nominative or agentive. If it is agentive, I'll add that to my question above, as it assignes +vol+act to `I'. Maybe I haven't fully understood how agentive languages work. That's why I work at one... :-) **Henrik


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