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Re: Hi to the Ukraine from Tokyo

From:Pavel Iosad <pavel_iosad@...>
Date:Friday, November 30, 2001, 17:23
> Russian would be ["k'ijif] - palatal (!) reduction.
Nope. In "Kiev" there can't be an 'i'. It can be a yer' (reduced _i_) or a yer (schwa). A yer' arises after soft consonants mostly, but the yer can appear in certain inflexions, as it does here, because in possessive adjectives you get 'o' when stressed (Petróv)
> Ukrainian is ["ke<retr>jiw] - Ukr. /y/ is a front (!) vowel, > similar to Fr. > /é/ in 'bébé',
Huh? I tended to hear it as a high middle vowel, as in Welsh. OK, I speak (or, rather, try to speak) a strange variation of Ukrainian - pronunciation from L'viv (where I started actually _speaking_ it) - for example I say "shcho" and not "sho" for "what" as in the Surzhik forms, but vocabulary mostly Kiev/Poltava - I use "duzhe"and not "bardzo/bardzho" for "very
>and /v/ has an allophone /w/ in auslaut and before the > consonants (!)
Yep, quite forgotten that, sorry. Bye, Pavel


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