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Website: Old Sanhr

Date:Thursday, July 20, 2006, 20:51
Hello one and all!

The conlang that I've been working on considerably as of late is on der
interweb at <a

I'm quite slow at uploading from brain to paper to binary, but so far I've
got phonology, pronouns & postpositions, basic verb morphology, and a
brief overview of the "three-class" system that works on verbal roots
(accounting for the majority of roots in the language, as well as the only
productive ones for derivation).

I'm currently focusing on the issue of arguments, so I'll post for help on
that in the near future.

Thanks ahead of time for all criticism and witticism. It's definitely good
to be a part of a community, rather than a pariah conlanging out in a
cabin in the mountains.


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