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Re: Website: Old Sanhr

From:Peter Ara Guekguezian <pag-conlanglist@...>
Date:Sunday, July 30, 2006, 4:35
Thanks for everyone who took the time to look at Old Sanhr. ¡Thanks
especially for everyone who bothered to give their input!

Benct Philip Jonsson wrote:
> pag-conlanglist@SOAPBOXINDUSTRIES.COM skrev: >> Hello one and all! >> >> The conlang that I've been working on considerably as of late is on der >> interweb at <a >> href=""></a>. > > I especially like the rather bold letter assignments.
Why thanks. I'm not a huge fan of digraphs myself. I *do* like diacritics, but they can be a hassle...
> You could even get rid of those digraphs with the following > assignments: > > /B/ b > /J/ ñ > /j/ j > /j\/ h > /L/ y > /l_d/ d > /R\/ v > /r_j/ x > /L\/ l
For some reason, I'm not too crazy about the monographs for the trills (I guess only <r> can suggest a trill segment to me). But, <b> for /B/ is good, especially as it frees up <v>, which can symbolize a lot more things. <ñ> can complicate things (it suggests both /J/ & /N\/); plus, if I add it, then <ç> and <ð> and the rest come knocking. I know I can't complain overly about using ASCII codes, since I use <ê ô> as well as acutes on any other vowel.
> Or if you wan't to be just a tad more user-friendly > (or you dislike _ñ_! :-), the above but: > > /B/ v > /J/ ny/yn > /L/ ly/yl > /r_j/ ry/yr > /R\/ x > > NB in this assignment _y_ would be used only to mark > palatalization. In my own conlang Sohlob [sQ'KQb_0] > I use _tj, dj, sj_ as ASCII-friendly alternatives to > _c, j, ç_ (I guess you can guess for what kind of > sounds! :-), while somewhat out of line I use _ny_ > for /J/, because _nj_ would else be too ambiguous > between the ASCII and Latin-1 systems -- and I kept > reading _ñ_ as [N] due to Tolkien's usage! > > Admittedly I am not wild about digraphs at all, except _j/y_ > to mark palatalization, _w/v_ to mark labialization or > velarization and _h_ to mark aspiration or voicelessness. > In particular I dislike the random +h to mark just about any > modificayion -- and I'm well aware that is not what you are > doing; I guess I just connect hr/rh and hl/lh too strong > with [r_0] and [K]. You become that way when you are an > Islando- and Sindaphile!
Your "complaints" register well. Let me try this schema for the consonants: /p/ <p> /t_d/ <t> /c/ <c> /q/ <k> /m/ <m> /n_d/ <n> /J/ <j> (I like this; I'm not getting rid of it :) ) /N\/ <g> /B/ <b> /z_d/ <d> /j\/ <q> /R/ <v> /l_d/ <l> /L/ <y> /Y\/ <w> /r/ <r> /r_j/ <z> /R\/ <x> /j/ <h> /k_>/ <?> (I admit, that's a stretch; I could just change /B/ from <v> to <b> and use <v> as the uvular diacritic for /Y\/ & /R\/. But hey, ¿why not confuse people?)
> >> I'm quite slow at uploading from brain to paper to binary, > > Who isn't -- well I guess some aren't, but I'm definitely > *very* slow with the paper to binary phase, perhaps due to > problems with deciphering the results of the brain to paper > phase, but more due to the fact that formatting tends to > take a lot more time than content in binarization... > >> >> Thanks ahead of time for all criticism and witticism. It's definitely >> good >> to be a part of a community, rather than a pariah conlanging out in a >> cabin in the mountains. > > Trust me, being a pariah conlanger in a villa by the sea > wasn't that great either: "What's he doing?" -- "He's making > letters again!" I wasn't totally isolated, but I was twelve > and took no interst whatsoever in sports... > Luckily polyglottism as such was considered normal in my > family, so linguistic interests _per se_ weren't frown'd at. >
I'm kinda lucky to have some "normal" interests, e.g., sports, music, video games. But, I've always presented myself as a bit eccentric...