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R: Latin (was Language universal?)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 14, 2001, 20:00
Ray Brown wrote:

> >I > >don't particularly like the nugae, and I believe Cicero was right when he > >said she was nothing more than a whore (well, he's not so direct, but a
> >chapter of the pro Milone is based on the description of her and her > >brother's 'morigeratio'). > > Sadly, I believe both Cicero & you are right. If only he'd found a muse > worthy of his talents!
Aaargh! Just today my prof. gave us to translate a passage taken from Cicero's Pro Archia... there was a terribly difficult sentence I really do not know how I could have translated!
> >Some of the scurrilous thing are funny (Egnatius > >defricatus orina!), > > Oh yes, I admit it is.
; )
> >as the last of the carmina docta (the paraklausithyron), > >but that's not the kind of poetry I like very much. > > Nor me. But, as you & I have found, there is great poetry in catullus > > > > >P.S: am reading Baudelaire. Great! > > I really must read him - it'd do my French good also.
<sigh> I was looking for the original text (almost for the same reason - I've never studied French, but I'd like to pick it up), but I didn't found it, and I'm reading it in Italian. Poetic translations are never good enough, as we know, but hey, Baudelaire is great even if roughly translated : ) Luca