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THEORY: Verb voice

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Saturday, May 1, 1999, 6:12
>Status: R > >I was just wondering something: exactly how many possible >verbal voices are there? Off hand I can think of about four: >active, passive, middle (action redounds back onto oneself, >for one's own benefit; indirect), and reflexive (action was >intended to affect oneself directly). What others could >there be?
In the grammar I wrote for NGL the basic forms are active, passive, and reflexive. The middle and reflexive as you define them are the same, the difference would have to be expressed as an attitude, something I never thought of. But as to the number, it is infinite in the Fuzzy Voices I defined. Any proportions of active, passive, and reflexive could be combined, and attitudes could be attached to any of the components. I haven't actually written any examples yet, due to the underwhelming interest in the NGL system. I'm not too keen on the pure reflexive voice with myself as subject and object :). Jerry
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