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From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 12, 2001, 15:14
hi !
i have a question:
ive tried to summarize this "furigana"-like translation method (see
below), and ask: is there any official name for this method ?
i would be eager to read texts in italian by means of it, since im learning it now.

the "furigana"-translation-method

(I do not entirely understand your language)          <-- standard-translated sentence
you plural possessive language I  not all understand  <-- "furigana"-translated sentence
Ni  men    ti         hua      wo pu  tu  tung.       <-- foreign sentence

what is it all about ?
with this translation-method,
each sentence is assigned to 2 different kinds of translated sentences.
the advantage of this method is to improve speed of learning a new language.
the exact word-positioning improves visual assignment & memorization of the meanings.
the original syntax -- kept in the translated sentence -- helps to think in the foreign language.

I. foreign sentence
   you write the original sentence.
   a) the text should be a dialogue with mundane idioms.
   b) the vocabulary should be *strictly* sorted by relevance. (after word frequency lists)
   c) the remaining vocabulary should be sorted by relevance as well as by *rational* categories.
      e.g. time-related, space-related, numerals, prepositions, etc.

II."furigana"-translated sentence
   then, you write the "furigana"-translated sentence *above* the foreign sentence.
 a) translated words are positioned directly above each of its foreign word and
smaller in fontsize.
   b) translated words are kept in word order of the foreign language.
   c) translated words are translated with their general meanings.

III. standard-translated sentence
   *above* all this you write the standard-translated sentence in brackets.
   a) translated words are kept in word order of the learner's mother tongue.
   b) translated words are translated with their special context-related meanings.

the fixed vertical order of the three kinds of sentences is psychologically important.
since the reader wants to get the essence of it first: the standard-translation.
then comes the "furigana"-translated-sentence.
then comes the foreign sentence.



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