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Re: Tutorial #2

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 2, 2004, 20:35
Well, there seems to be a bit of repetition here, and this won't be
very exciting as Géarthnuns doesn't mark verbs for person, but here

>Is this a window?
Chü hengeks la sü chívaks hönöi?
>Yes. This is a window.
Shau, chü hengeks la sü chîvaks nöi.
>Is that a table?
Chau helkers la sau kfashars hönöi?
>No. That is not a table. That is a bed.
Glé, vau helkems la fau kfashams nöi. Chí helkels la sí víls nöi. (This was a typo/mistake in Tutorial #1, please correct)
>this/that person
chau íalörs henger/hereçker/helker
>Who is it?
Che hereçkeths la cheths hönöi?
>It is John.
Cha hengens la Íöhans nöi.
>Who is she?
Che helkeths la cheths hönöi?
>She is Kate.
Cha hlekens la Katheríns nöi.
>Is he John?
Cha helkens la Íöhans hönöi?
>No. He isn't John.
Glé, va helkeps la Íöhaps nöi.
>I, me
>He, she, it
söb/saur/söit/san/sük/síl/seth (any of the seven could replace any of the three)
>I am John.
Sí la Íöhans nuoi.
>You are Kate.
Öçek la Katheríns nöi.
>You are a woman.
Öçek la söi sasats nöi.
>I am a man.
Sí la sö dhaubs nöi.
>You and me are people.
Sí zhö öçek la sauk íalörsaup nöi.
>She is a woman.
Söit la söi sasats nöi.
>You and her are women.
Söit zhö öçek la söik sasatsöip nöi.
>He/she is a student.
Söb/san la se frömareths nöi.
>I am a student.
Sí la se frömareths nöi.
>He/she and me are students.
Sí zhö söb/san la sek frömarethsep nöi. Kou