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Re: Arabic transliteration

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, November 15, 2002, 2:41
From: "Isaac A. Penzev" <isaacp@...>

> <<<My personal translit system uses non-ASCII characters like s-caron, > circumflex vowels and eth and thorn.>>> > > I'd like to get acquainted with it.
My non-ASCII case-sensitive system: alif - ' or ?; as long vowel/alif maddah: â (a-circumflex) ba - b ta - t tha - þ (thorn) jim - j h.a - H kha - x dal - d dhal - ð (edh or d-stroke) ra - r zay - z sin - s shin - s^ (s-caron) - S - D t.a - T dh.a - Ð (capital edh) `ayn - ` or 3 ghayn - G fa - f qaf - q or K kag - k lam - l mim - m nun - n ha - h waw - w; as long vowel: û (u-circumflex) ya - y; as long vowel: î (i-circumflex) Persian additions: pa (ba with three dots below) - p chim (jim with three dots below) - c zha (zay with three dots above) - z^ (z-caron) va (fa with three dots above) - v gaf (kaf with oblique stroke) - g Urdu additions: tteh (tah with small ta) - t. ddeh (dah with small ta) - d. rreh (reh with small ta) - r. nun ghunna (dotless final nun) - ñ yeh bari (altered final yeh) - ê (e-circumflex -- also Arabic alif maqsurah)
> <<<UniPers is a proposed Latin orthography for Farsi,>>> > > Links? References?
> Provisional decision: in my conlang proto-lang's /b/ and /v/ may both
> into one phoneme :-)
/b/ and /v/ are fortis-lenis allophones in my project, as are /p/ and /f/, /t/ and /T/, /d/ and /D/, /k/ and /x/, /g/ and /G/ etc. A page taken from the book on Hebrew and Irish Gaelic.
> <<<It's [Arab/Pers veh] included in the free MS fonts because of the
latter usage,
> which is quite uncommon.>>> > > I saw it ONLY in Arial MS Unicode :-((
Oh I have it in Courier New, Tahoma and Microsoft Sans Serif, but not Arial or Times New Roman (it shows up as a blank box). I also have it in Arabic Transparent, Simplified Arabic, Traditional Arabic and Andalus. And of course Arial Unicode MS, which is a huge font (21 Mb).
> <<<Do XP keyboard drivers work for Win 95/98/Me? I don't think they do,
> too bad, because XP has Arabic, Farsi and Urdu support.>>> > > I don't know, but I can test it if you send me .kbd files for Farsi and
Urdu Sadly, I'm having trouble finding them! I can't remember the proper extension (I don't think it's .kbd), but I'll keep looking. ~Danny~