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Re: Arabic transliteration

From:Isaac A. Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, November 14, 2002, 11:28
On Wed, 13 Nov 2002 17:11:33 -0600 Danny Wier eskribyó:

<<<Well, you really need an NT-grade OS for Hebrew or Arabic.>>>

I have a "Semitic" patch over Win98, it works fine.

<<<I have XP Home and it works fine.>>>

I cannot afford myself an XP for two reasons:
1. my AMD-K5 166MHz (college) / Pentium I 166MHz (home) processors are too
slow for it;
2. it's rather expensive, and I live in a poor country of Ukraine --
post-Soviet ruins, yasee...
Even my ancient home labtop costed me two month salaries...

<<<There's a system called Qalam ("pen"):>>>

Thanx! I'll look it through to see how it can be adapted to my needs...

<<<My personal translit system uses non-ASCII characters like s-caron,
circumflex vowels and eth and thorn.>>>

I'd like to get acquainted with it.

<<<UniPers is a proposed Latin orthography for Farsi,>>>

Links? References?

<<<Veh, or feh with three dots above, is an archaic Persian letter today,
it is still used in Kurdish and (occasionally) in Arabic words of foreign

Provisional decision: in my conlang proto-lang's /b/ and /v/ may both merge
into one phoneme :-)

<<<It's included in the free MS fonts because of the latter usage,
which is quite uncommon.>>>

I saw it ONLY in Arial MS Unicode :-((

<<<Do XP keyboard drivers work for Win 95/98/Me? I don't think they do, and
too bad, because XP has Arabic, Farsi and Urdu support.>>>

I don't know, but I can test it if you send me .kbd files for Farsi and Urdu

<<<The problem with using Arabic scripts is the fact that there are
different glyphs for initial,
final, medial and isolated consonants, not to mention ligatures for
two-consonant groups (like _la:_ and the preposition _fi_ "in") as well as
the special form for Allah. But good news kids! The rich text tables
required (if you use Win 98 or Me) for connected text, along with some other
Arabic/Farsi/Urdu fonts, can be found at

Open Type fonts deal with it quite ok even under patched Win98

<<<Also, Internet Explorer 5 and later have Arabic language support which
includes several fonts, my favorite being Traditional Arabic. And MS Word
97/2000/2002 have Unicode character support (they also have the huge Asian
language fonts).>>>

New versions of core fonts for Win (Arial, Tahoma etc.) that I have on my
comps, render Unicode Ar chars quite fine.

<<<Or, you could use a non-Unicode Arabic font, like those used in
But it's no good for the Internet.>>>

I've got Arabic*SSK fonts. Nice looking, and work under good old Keyman3.2

<<<You need Arabic support for IE to look at
websites like, the well-known Qatari news service.>>>

Veni. Vidi. Fugi.
My Arabic is 5 lessons old, and no improvement foreseen in nearest future

Kon exterâmo 3amiko, muyta shukra por su 'ayuda, Yitzik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Danny Wier <dawier@...>