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Arabic transliteration

From:Isaac A. Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 13, 2002, 14:50
Shalom everybody!

I've just started working over a new conlang project. The original script
for the conlang should be Arabic. I'm sure I cannot post messages here in
Ar-script even with my mail client permitting me to use Unicode -- the
server messes them up, doesn't it? And quite few people have Arabic support
in their OS's...

Is there any ASCII-friendly scheme for ***transliterating*** Ar-script (NOT
a transcription!!! -- I know X-SAMPA!), or should I introduce my own one?

I think I also need a Farsi keyboard driver for Windows98. I found (and
downloaded and installed both in the college and at home) a patch with
Hebrew and Arabic cp*.nls and kbd*.kbd. It works more or less good (though
it still doesn't permit to change font size in Word2K), but with [AR]
keyboard I can input only Arabic chars, but I'm afraid I'll need some
diacritics (like Persian 'gaf' [U+06AF] or 'veh' [U+06A4])...
A reference to any other good utility will be appreciated.
My configs are Win98Ru/MSOffice2K +IE5.0/OE5 (college) :: +Opera6.0/OE6

[konexte"ramo ?a"miko] = With deep respects,


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