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Re: halú

From:Camilla Drefvenborg <elmindreda@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 26, 2002, 10:57
Christophe Grandsire udavora:
> Weclcome to the list!
thank you *smiles*
> I see you're already accustomed to it :)) .
the hard way, yes. but I'm hoping that the traffic will lessen some, once the list gets out of timewarp.
> How nice! Do you have lots of brothers and sisters, and were your parents > part of it? :)))
my sister and our father, yes. we even made this wonderful dictionary, with illustrations. it was great fun!
> In this case, I think it's even genetic :)) .
you know, it just might be... *smiles* my sister and I had another smaller language, something like Animalic, but with sausages (no, honestly), for the express purpose of discussing candy-theft...
> Hehe, wherever it comes, Japanese seems to take the attention of everyone > :)) . We're quite a few on this list to have such an influence problem :))
. I sympathise fully *smiles* since my conlang is SOV, I guess it was quite unavoidable.
> :))) If you can read French (but you probably can in such a family :)) ), > the language I was referring to is Azak, and you can find a description of
> on my webpage (completely in French. The English part which was supposed
to be
> coming is postponed later and later).
I'm sorry, but no. I usually have some luck with spoken French, but I never did get the hang of the spelling. it would be an interresting project, though. Camilla "milda makaroner vad det ryker ur farmors ödla"


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