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Re: plane crash

From:The Gray Wizard <dbell@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 13, 2001, 1:59
> From: Adam Walker > > There's just been another American Airlines plane (a 767) crash in NYC, > Queens this time. No word yet on deaths or whether it had anything to do > with terrorism, but the stockmarket has already dropped 2% in response and > there *are* buildings on fire.
I was sitting at the gate waiting to board a plane at Washington-Dulles when this happened. I was watching "CNN Airport News" which is apparently a precanned feed with only occasional live news reporting. On one of those occasions, the news ticker reported that an AA plane was down and then the screen went blank. When it came back on they were reporting the sports scores. The incident was never mentioned again in the next 20 minutes. I called my wife and she checked the "real" CNN news and told me what had happened. This appeared to have been a deliberate, if clumsy, attempt to withhold this information from the passengers at Dulles. Very disappointing. I considered going back home, but after my wife confirmed that it was being called an accident, I decided to continue my journey. I boarded the plane and arrived safely in Kansas City. I made the decision to fly because I had "some" information on which to base that decision. I resent the fact that there was a deliberate attempt to withhold that information from me and other passengers who, because of a lack of knowledge, were precluded from making a decision and blindly boarded the plane. Stay curious, David David E. Bell The Gray Wizard i guronar demith ir gonar amis Wisdom begins in wonder. elivas en ishron ordelmar cotronian istran yani godran udhelfas


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