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germanic conlang

From:Lukasz Korczewski <lucasso@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 14, 2001, 0:15
there's an idea toying with germanic languages on my mind. strictly speaking
west germanic with north germanic to help judging which word to choose. but
i have some problems:
1. i'm lacking with any systematized collection of PG words and guessing is
not what i like the most. can anyone help me? oh, here's a good example -
"to help". in english it's a weak verb but in other germanic languages it's
strong. in PG it was also strong, but what were it's basic forms (i mean
perfect and past participle). is there anyone with good knowledge of PG and
the historical evolution of germanic (esp. west germanic) languages?
2. i'd like to use lack-tense vowel opposition. it's clear for me that there
will be this pairs: (SAMPA again):
[I][i]    [Y][y]    [U][u]
[E][e]    [9][2]    [O][o]

(it's like in german)

but i'm not sure what to do about a's (a, and it's fronted equivalent). in
german it's smth like this (if i understood it well):
  [E](with no tack-tense opposition?)    [a][A]
am i right? how is it in dialects and in other germanic languages? do you
have any ideas that could help me deciding?

i just invented:
  [{][a]    [6][A]      ....but... i don't know...

what do you think about that?

Lukasz K.


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