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From:Camilla Martins <camillabm2@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 13, 2001, 22:02
  Hello boys and girls.

  I really wanna make the phonetic transcription of
the place I live, but I´m not very familiar with your
simbols, not even with phonetic. :)
  Also, I don´t know how to explain you that sound we
make "with the nose", with the mouth shout, that I
should put instead of the 'n' in Maringá.
  In fact, I don´t know exactly what I´m doing here,
but in my work in Computational Linguistics I use what
perhspas may be called a "constructed language".
  Anyway, here it goes.

City:  /mArIn"gA:/ - Maringá
State: /pArA"nA:/ - Paraná
Country: /brA"ziu/ - Brasil
Nearby cities: /mArI"AuvA/ - Marialva
               /sA:rAn"dI/ - Sarandi
               /lOn"drInA/ - Londrina
State main city: /"kurItI:bA/ - Curitiba
A very far place from my home: /AmA"z@:nIA/ - Amazônia


Camilla Brandel Martins
Mestrado em Ciência da Computação
Universidade Federal de São Carlos

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