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Re: CHAT: I'm back

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 30, 2006, 1:27
Benct Philip Jonsson wrote:
> Isaac Penzev skrev: >> I'm still in search for an ideal that could become my main conlang >> used in >> translation exercises, relays etc. This time I'm close to this goal as >> never >> before. > > Congratulations. Hopefully I'll be able to use Sohlob > in a relay some day. I *would* be able to use Kijeb > (aka Pre-Sohlob) at this point, but the mere thought of > doing so made me start mucking around with the case > system again, as I found it way too regular...
I've been thinking that pretty much all of my recent langs, especially the ones that have been getting the most use, are way too regular. Tiki of course (as a fictional auxlang) makes sense to be regular, and Minza is supposed to be simple to use, without unnecessary complications. Nimrina is still too new, but I'd like to try introducing some irregularity to it. Still, Tirelat and Minza are the only recent ones developed enough to use in relays and translation exercises, and they're both unnaturally regular. Jarda, an older relay-suitable language, was also extremely regular, although it had some interesting quirks in word derivation.