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Re: CHAT: I'm back

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpjonsson@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 29, 2006, 18:19
Isaac Penzev skrev:
> Henrik Theiling girs'epset': > > > | Isaac Penzev <writes: > | > | > I've had too little time for conlanging, but still keep my interest > | > in this hobby alive. Occasionally I pay my attention to P55 (still > | > nameless) project: the work in progress may be seen at > | > (badly needs updating). > > FYI: The site was updated on Aug 28 11:19pm GMT+2. Now it contains about > half of my paper notes.
What's the meaning of the empty brackets after Ж (ZH) and Ы (Y), and does it have any semantic difference from the total lack of brackets after П Р С Т У Ф Х Ц Ч Ш (R through SH)? I see you use Ы (Y) in the declension, so it must have some value in the lang! :-) The Һ (SSHA) letter looks strangely out of place. Too bad there is no KH with hook in Unicode! Wouldn't you need letters for 'ыа - эа'? And wouldn't Ъ and Ь fit the bill, as they are not in your alphabet? :-) <rant>The idea that letters shouldn't be used with values differing from their Russian ones always stroke me as motivated only by a desire to faciliate eventual Russification.</rant> FWIW I was sketching on a Neo-Tokharian, which would have Cyrillic as its main or only script. It would need to distinguish /ji/ from /i/ and /jM/ from /M/, and I thought to use І /i/ И /ji/ Ъ /M/ Ь /jM/ (while Ы would seem out of place for /M/ where І was /i/) but I was told those assignments would seem weird to a Russophone. Well well there are always the possibility of using Ӥ Ӹ for the preceding /j/.
> | Could you give some remarks about its design goals? > > Its goal is to create a personal artlang that would > (1) please my phonoesthetics (no cellar doors!); > (2) resemble certain natlang groups that I find attractive both in phonology > and morphosyntax, such as Turkic, Tungusic, Chukchee-Kamchatkan, Algonkian, > Permian etc.
Sounds remarkably like my goals with Sohlob, and while my list of attractive natlangs differs somewhat there is some overlap (Turkic, Algonkian).
> I'm still in search for an ideal that could become my main conlang used in > translation exercises, relays etc. This time I'm close to this goal as never > before.
Congratulations. Hopefully I'll be able to use Sohlob in a relay some day. I *would* be able to use Kijeb (aka Pre-Sohlob) at this point, but the mere thought of doing so made me start mucking around with the case system again, as I found it way too regular...
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