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Re: CHAT: I'm back

From:Fabian <fabian@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 27, 2000, 12:17
> > > Anyhow, some time ago I invented yet another script, he key to > > which has > > > since been lost. > > > > > > > > > > > > Can anyone decipher it? > > Lesse... > > Dieresis seems to indicated /V/, as in *enough (end of 2nd line) > C = /s/ > H = /n/ > 3rd word on 4th line = *someone's > 11th line begins *my *life *is > Line 8: (something) *can *be *satisfied > last three words: *can *get *stuffed > > So it seems to be primarily Cyrillic-based, with diacritics representing > vowels: > "/" = a > "\/" = e > I (non-diacritic) = i > "\" = o?
Thanks, I think I figured it out now. Omega is either a vowel carrier symbol or long vowel mark. Edh is either /D/ or /T/. Lambda is /l/. <|> is either /j/ or /i/. <X> is /h/. <y> is /N/. (derived from a katakana 'n') <O> is /d/. <G> is /dZ/. <3> is /Z/. <L> is /S/. (derived from a hiragana 'shi') Most others are obvious to anyone familiar with Cyrillic script. diacritics "/" is /a/ "\" is /e/ "/\" is /u/ "\/" is /i/ "-" is /o/ ".." is /V/ There was a method to these diacritics. they represent in abstract terms the shape of the mouth when forming these vowels, at least a I perceive the shape, and under the restriction that no new diacriotics were to be invented. Still, I'm not happy with this script. No glottal stops in it, you see. And that Edh is odd in there, as it is the most complex symbol present. I wasn't happy with the /b/ symbol either, but couldn't find anything better. Anyone want it? Use it. Thanks, Steg. -- Fabian Ya sinjura, mohhi est doko? Ya wasurechatta ta!