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Re: OT I think-- thoroughly weird msg.

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Thursday, August 7, 2003, 9:47
A day or so ago I got a couple of that sort of message, one from a Nigerain
and one from a South African - so I forwarded them to each other, advised
them they should marry each other, and informed them I was a Certified
Marriage Commiserant.

I was tempted to offer to read their futures by examining their intestines,
but I think they might've taken an unjustifiable fright at that, and as a
Certified Marriage Commiserant I can't go around terrifying my potential
customers, can I now?

It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it! ;^)

Wesley Parish

On Thu, 07 Aug 2003 18:00, you wrote:
> I (and evidently others, whom I do not know) have received the following. > IIRC something similar came a while back. It's hilarious, I think... What > on Earth?????? At least it's not Mrs.Dr. Olabumbo Basenji trying to get > money out of Nigeria.... > ---------------------------------------------------- > ----- Original Message ----- > From: <reneeg@...> > To: <itc-inc@...>; <dons@...>; <ling@...>; <romilly@...>; > <mlindsey@...>; <cth@...>; <headley@...>; <sales@...> > Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 6:07 AM > Subject: DWG Needed wnkhfmx svj > > > Hello, > > I'm a time traveler stuck here in 2003. Upon arriving here my dimensional > warp generator stopped working. I trusted a company here by the name of LLC > Lasers to repair my Generation 3 52 4350A watch unit, and they fled on me. > I am going to need a new DWG unit, prefereably the rechargeable AMD wrist > watch model with the GRC79 induction motor, four I80200 warp stabilizers, > 512GB of SRAM and the menu driven GUI with front panel XID display. > > I will take whatever model you have in stock, as long as its received > certification for being safe on carbon based life forms. > > In terms of payment: > I dont have any Galactic Credits left. Payment can be made in platinum gold > or 2003 currency upon safe delivery of unit. > > INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY: > Please transport unit in either a brown paper bag or box to below > coordinates on Thursday August 7th at (exactly 4:00pm) Eastern Standard > Time on the dot. A few minutes prior will be ok, but it cannot be after. If > you miss this timeframe please email me. I will not be there prior to > 4:45pm EST, so do not transport before then. > > Item is to be delivered at (out of service basketball court) located at: > Latitude N 42.47935 & Longitude W 071.17355 and the Elevation is 119 feet. > WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRANSPORT ITEM BY REGULAR MEANS OF > TELEPORTATION. THEY ARE MONITORING AND WILL REDIRECT THE SIGNAL!! > I DO NOT CARE HOW YOU HAVE TO GET IT HERE, JUST DO IT IN A WAY THAT NO > SPYING EYES WILL POSSIBLY BE ABLE TO REDIRECT THE TRANSFERENCE. IT IS VERY > IMPORTANT THAT YOU BE ABLE TO MONITOR THE TRANSFER. > HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SEND IT SO THAT THEY CANNOT REDIRECT IT??? If in doubt > do not transport actual unit until your method of transfer can be confirmed > as a success. You just might need to send a intergalactic courier to > deliver item safely to me. If so be VERY careful at how they approach me IN > MY WHITE CAR. > > > After unit has been delivered please email me at: > > with payment instructions. Do not reply directly back to this email. > > Thank You > > > platform > plp iqj la yvibyrqoszwkjx iyf v q bohurui eaet
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