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R: Italogallic in Zera, and other languages.

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Saturday, April 22, 2000, 15:31
Carlos wrote:

> Well, after some thinking and a little lurking on ItaloGallic languages, I > think it would be nice to redefine how Italy evolved in Zera:
Well done!
> All the southern > provinces, including Sardinia and Sicily, joined into a country around > Naples.
This really happened.
> Lombardian > became the de facto interlingua in Northern Italy while Toscanian reminded > as the _official_ language (except Tuscany, most classes were given in > Lombardian while Toscanian where studied). 50 years ago, Lombardian was > upgraded as official language besides Toscanian and both are called > _languages_, while all other dialects are called _dialects_.
OK, I like it - expecially because *I am* Lombardian.
> Any good names for Northern and Southern Italy in this alternative
history? Some stupid Northern indipendentists (have you ever heard speaking about Bossi? He's our Haider, and he's just won the regional elections with those hells of Liberal - Neo Fascist parties) have called Northern Italy Padania. I'd rather call Northern Italy Lombardia, since the word is from 'Longobardia' and the Longobards conquerred, around the 7th century, if I am right, a great part of Northern Italy, so this name could be OK. Southern Italy has always had the name 'Regno delle Due Sicilie' (Kingdom of the Two Sicilies = real Sicily + Southern Italy). Anyway, HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL (at least to Catholics and Protestants - obviously I'm not against Orthodoxes and Jews, but, AFAIK, they'll celebrate Easter later, am I right, Irina and Steg?) Luca