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Chainshifted Widse > Pidse

From:Tristan <kesuari@...>
Date:Friday, March 14, 2003, 12:10
Tristan wrote:
> (I feel a change to the Wydse orthography coming on).
[nb: this email sent in Unicode] Starting off with the idea that ii and u-uml will look too similar to exist side-by-side in a handwritten language, and then taking into account some things about my handwriting, here we have the shifted orthography for Widse. The DS diagraph doesn't take part in the chainshift (so it doesn't become tz). I think this is a plausible set of changes, for large values of plausible. I mean, the Latins made pi look like P, so made P R. a o b bb > [db] > d c e d dd > t[db] > t e e f ſ [medieval long s] > s g cg > c h kh > k i ı [dotless i] j g > y k f l j [should be dotless] m n n L > l o u > ü [u uml] p tb > b r n s z t tt > h u v ü [u uml] ū [u macron] > a v w w ƿ [wynn] y ij [ij] [rare, borrowings only, should be dotless] z z Things to note: <c> and <e>, <m> and <r> and <s> and <z>* are written with the same characters (<e>, <n> and <z>). The wynn is asciified as p. Dotless-i is asciified as dotfull i. Other than that, maggelity is not increased and the language is merely more etabnannimous. But it's still fun, and what's the point of an IAL if anyone can learn it? Oh, and it makes it not cheating :) *This is, of course, only minimally relevant, because [s] and [z] are merely allophones of [s]. But I guess it would have had some affect on sound changes... Thus, the nominative pronouns become 1st 2nd 3rd Sing. Pl Sing. Pl Sing. Pl. m,that f n,this Nom. jo u"ijo je u"ije ji ju" jv u"ijv la oila le oile li lo lu oilu la Ha le 9: je lo wo Ho (first: new. second: old. third: ipa) Or another example, going back to my favorite (because it's one of the few words I've done) word, 'Yovc' (previously 'Jaug'), nom.Drought /Cou/ or 'iIyovc' (previously 'iIjaug') acc.Drought /r\iM\o:/. Another word: Yoic, nom.Dusk /Cei/ iIyoic, acc.Dusk /r\ajei/ Yoici, dat.Dusk /Ce:r\/ oIyoic, gen.Dusk /e:Ci/ dsoIyoic, loc.Dusk /je:Ci/ Tristan. PS: to newbies: a while ago, someone joined our list and started telling us of the wonders of his IAL and how marvellous it was. It occurred to me that it actually was, so I adopted it. Then I ... made some few changes, with the aim of making the language less regular and more maggelitous, because such an aim is worthy of much respect (except amongst groups who do not believe so).