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Re: Jews in Ill Bethisad: MS *and* the Judajca-speakers? (was: Judajca)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, August 24, 2002, 4:38
Steg Belsky wrote:
>Actually, i remember hearing about something, i think it was a book, >based on the premise that Carthage (their native Semitic name being Qart >Hhadasht, if i remember correctly) conquered Rome, instead of the >opposite. And therefore, instead of having a Roman Empire that develops >into Romance languages, you have a Carthaginian empire that develops into >neo-Punic languages.
Sounds like one of Poul Andersen's "time police" stories-- in the one I'm thinking of, the heroes are surprised to find themselves in a Norse- (maybe Celtic-) speaking NYC; they ultimately figure out that they need to go back to the time of a certain crucial battle during Hannibal's invasion of Italy, where they discover a time-traveling evil-doer with a rifle who is planning to gun down the Roman general. "There", he succeeded. But they thwart him, of course, cancelling the spurious timeline and allowing "here" to develop.