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Re: Jews in Ill Bethisad: MS *and* the Judajca-speakers? (was: Judajca)

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Saturday, August 24, 2002, 9:16
On Sat, 24 Aug 2002 08:32, Steg Belsky wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Aug 2002 22:37:47 +1200 Wesley Parish > > <wes.parish@...> writes: > > In that case, we could well have a Syriac-speaking kingdom - Arturus > > Malkaa, > > the scion of a Syrian centurian and a British clan chief's daughter > > - in > > Britain when "seo Angles, ond seo Saxones ond seo Geatas" came to > > call. > > And with family connections to Syria and the Levant, he is able to > > call on > > them to support him, consequently there grows up a large community > > of Syriac > > speakers, whose language gets altered, first by the Britons, then by > > a resurgent invasion from the Saxon Shore ... > > Don't worry if your head hurts, mine does too! > > Wesley Parish > > - > > Actually, i remember hearing about something, i think it was a book, > based on the premise that Carthage (their native Semitic name being Qart > Hhadasht, if i remember correctly) conquered Rome, instead of the > opposite. And therefore, instead of having a Roman Empire that develops > into Romance languages, you have a Carthaginian empire that develops into > neo-Punic languages. > > Although your idea does have the added bonus of being able to play with > the Semitic-Celtic "connection" theories :-) . Is Arturus Malkaa > supposed to be roughly the same as King Arthur?
Yes. It's a connection with the Joseph of Arimathea part of the cycle, where said individual is supposed to have brought over to Albion the Holy Grail - Malkaa being Aramaic/Syriac for "King". Which ties in with the "dolorous blow" - the wounding of the "Fisher King", etc. Which would finally allow me to play with magic in my attempts at fiction - the current novel's got nothing to do with magic, only with people who think that a star-ship's firing of its full star-drive exhaust in self-defense, is the elemental spirits turning the world back into chaos again - their version of the "Flood". But it would also allow me to play around with British Celtic and Western Semitic languages, as well as indulging in my Romance and Germanic proclivities. Major Fun!!! Wesley Parish
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